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Greetings! You have stumbled into Chamberlain Design, the online domain of Chris Chamberlain. It is the birthplace of creative and clever websites. We specialise in catering to the needs of small businesses and charities.

Feel free to have a wander around the site. You can find out more about Chris, read some musings, browse the portfolio and, if you haven’t been scared off by then, please consider dropping us a line.

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Carl Finlay
Natasha Connell
Godalming Trust
Godalming Trust
Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre

Recent Blog Posts

What is WordPress?

You’ll probably hear me talking a lot about WordPress on this blog, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to tell you what it is so you know what on earth I’m going on about. WordPress is basically a Content Management System, which means that a website built using WordPress has a . . .

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22nd January 2015

What Are Domains and Hosting?

I’ll explain what domains and hosting are with a bit of an extended metaphor.  Obviously, it’s quite oversimplified. Let’s just say your computer is a house and the internet is the road network.  The website you want to view is a parcel you want to pick up and bring home.  It’s sitting in a warehouse . . .

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21st January 2015

Things To Think About Before Hiring a Web Designer

“Welcome to Bob’s Automobile Emporium. May I help you, sir?” “Yes, I’m looking for a car.” “What sort of car, sir?” “Erm…one with wheels?” “Most come with wheels, sir. I need to know what you’re looking for to find the best car for you.” “Look, just do your job and get me a car!” “But…” . . .

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20th January 2015