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What is WordPress?

You’ll probably hear me talking a lot about WordPress on this blog, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to tell you what it is so you know what on earth I’m going on about. WordPress is basically a Content Management System, which means that a website built using WordPress has a . . .

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22nd January 2015

What Are Domains and Hosting?

I’ll explain what domains and hosting are with a bit of an extended metaphor.  Obviously, it’s quite oversimplified. Let’s just say your computer is a house and the internet is the road network.  The website you want to view is a parcel you want to pick up and bring home.  It’s sitting in a warehouse . . .

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21st January 2015

Things To Think About Before Hiring a Web Designer

“Welcome to Bob’s Automobile Emporium. May I help you, sir?” “Yes, I’m looking for a car.” “What sort of car, sir?” “Erm…one with wheels?” “Most come with wheels, sir. I need to know what you’re looking for to find the best car for you.” “Look, just do your job and get me a car!” “But…” . . .

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20th January 2015

A Romp Through functions.php

Sorry about the lack of post last week but it was my birthday and I was busy scoffing cake.  Now I’m feeling lazy so, as they say, ‘here’s one I made earlier': Here are a few useful snippets of code based on the functions.php file of this website’s WordPress theme.  But first, an introduction to . . .

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22nd June 2013

WordPress Help Plugin – Free Download

With every website I deliver to a client, I provide them with a User Guide.  There was a lot of overlap between each one built using WordPress, so I thought it would be be better to add the guide to the website itself.  That way it’s always there when the client needs it rather than . . .

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8th June 2013

Useful Basic HTML You Should Know

There are some basic things in HTML that you may find useful, like adding a link or an image.  The main place you may need to use HTML in WordPress is in a Sidebar Widget.  If you are a member of a forum, you may have had to use some pseudo-HTML to format text; if . . .

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1st June 2013

Open Source and Why I Like It

This week, I thought that I’d talk about the concept of ‘open source’.  You’ve probably heard the phrase before but may not know exactly what it means so… What does open source mean? Open source is a production and development philosophy that promotes open universal access to the source code of software.  It also encourages . . .

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19th May 2013

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Sorry for the conspicuous lack of post last week – would you believe some roadworks cut through my phone line?  I mean, without internet, what’s the point in getting out of bed?  Anyway, onwards and upwards, tally ho! Have you ever seen the following text anywhere? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed . . .

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11th May 2013

What is a Browser?

If you didn’t find that video at least vaguely amusing and/or rage-inducing, this post is for you.  If you did, well done, have a cookie. In simple terms, a browser is the program you use to view web pages.  You are using one to read this blog post right now. The confusion between browsers and . . .

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1st May 2013

Web Design Jargon – The Tools

This week’s jargon-busting adventure is going to take us through the tools used in web design and development. Some of these are only tools in the very loosest sense of the word but kind of fit. Chocks away! CMS CMS stands for Content Management System and the name is relatively self-explanatory. A CMS enables users . . .

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13th April 2013